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Customize ac common mode 6.0a choke coil inductor 3.3uh for transformer
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  • > AL@100KHz,1V:13.5uH min
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Product Description

Nanocrytalline obtained by rapid quenching the liquid alloy, consisting of Fe, Si, Band small amounts of Cu and Nb.

By applying heat treatment to the alloy at higher than its crystallization temperature,this alloy forms a Nano-Crystalline

(grain size of approximately 10 nanometer order), the first ever in the world.

Satisfy both high saturation magnetic flux density and high permeability.

High saturation magnetic flux density (more than 1T) comparable to Fe-based amorphous metal and high permeability  (over 10,000 at 100kHz) comparable to Co-based amorphous metal. It has the advantage of both Fe based and Co based amorphous.

Excellent temperature characteristics.

Nanocrystlline core has very high Curie temperature (570℃) which results in small permeability variation (less than +/-10%) at a temperature range of -40 to +150℃

Less affected by mechanical stress and very low audio noise emission.

EMC components demonstrate excellent performance in suppression of line noise and radiation noise for electrical and electronic devices. Figure below shows examples of various applications. As you can see,COILCORE Nanocrystaline core is suitable for a wide variety of products.

The main areas of application are:
EMC filters
Switched -mode power supplies (SMPS), Power supplies
Solar inverters
Uninterruptable power supplies (UPS)
Welding equipment
Wind generators
Frequency converters
Inductive cooking
Our solution
--Common Mode Nanocrystalline Core
--Common Mode Choke (We offer winding and assembling process service)
--Small build volume/weight
--High leakage inductance
--High and uniform attenuation
--High working temperature
--Good mechanical stability
Cost effective
--Cost 40%~60% lower than Magnetic & VAC


 HDU core is made from the new nanocrystalline materials with high immune DC Bias, Usually the CMC Chokes consisting of stacked HDU cores ,

Which through-hole in single turn cable, The HDU core has a good linear permeability (u = 5000-50000) ,high immune-saturation characteristic and is suitable

for high-amplitude interference currents of common Mode Noise (with peak values from 3A to over 100 A) and high unbalanced currents .   


Wind generators ,Inverter for Solar Power, large-scale variable speed drives



AL*: Inductance for N = 1 (Tolerance:±30%) Isat** : the saturation currents are guidelines, only.

They are calculated at room temperature and for approx. 70 % saturation flux density.

The value is equal to maximum permissible bias current (unbalance or common mode current). Isat is independent of the number of stacked cores.


Common mode choke.jpg

Product Description




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Q- Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
A- We are factory.
Q- How long is your delivery time?
A- Generally it is 3-5 days if the goods are in stock. or it is 10-15 days if the goods are not in stock, it is according to quantity.
Q- Do you make customized products ?
A- Yes,we have a prefessional team to make custom products as your requirement.
Q- What is your terms of payment ?
A- Payment<=1000USD, 100% in advance. Payment>=1000USD, 30% T/T in advance ,balance before shippment.
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