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Oval Core for Current transformer
Product Options
  • > permeability:80000 min
Product Details


 Nanocrystalline core for current transformer


1.Higher permeability for higher measuring accuracy (when compared with ferrite)

2.Lower ampere turns and smaller dimension (when compared with ferrite transformers)

3.Less expensive (when compared with permalloy transformers)

4.Lower saturation induction for better ability against instrument breakdown (when compared with permalloy)

5.Lower core weight and manufacturing costs (when compared with permalloy)

6.Wider linear range than permalloy

7.Long durability between -55 and + 130 oC

About Coilcore

When you have a new idea, we can custom-manufacture new nano materials for you. 

When your demand reaches industrial scale, our price can meet your needs. 

Any size core can be custom

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